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Booth Recap: The Year-End

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Looking back over the last few months, Tim believed that 2021 (and most of 2020) have been challenging and unpredictable in many ways. The partnership between Booth Lacrosse and the Hounds moved very quickly and had some obstacles to overcome. We appreciate and have listened to all your feedback. Booth have already implemented some changes (i.e., communication) and will continue to adjust as the club grows.

Despite the challenges, Booth's mission to develop great people and players did not change, and we are more motivated than ever to use lacrosse as an avenue to make happy, healthy, and successful kids. A key component to the organization is the family atmosphere. It was great to see the size of the family increase on its lacrosse journey.

The past two months have been a great ending to the year. The new partnership gave Booth the ability to play in a total of five different tournaments. That is approximately 25 games to increase player development, forge relationships, and build rapport between the players and coaches. Secondly, this partnership allowed the teams to play grade pure in all tournaments, which helped everyone stay in their competitive bracket. Thirdly, making an "elite" team, combining the best of the Houston and Dallas players, allowed the teams to compete at a higher level and really challenge those players. This Marauders team will eventually go out of state to compete with better competition.  

Success is not always determined by wins and losses but how the teams play the game, handle adversity and grow. All the teams battled every game, despite the score. Throughout the program Booth had teams that won tournaments or made it all the way to the championship game. The Cowboy Cup had over 100 teams that participated. The 31s won the Cowboy cup in remarkable fashion. The 30s and the 28s went to the Championship game, but came up short. In the Lonestar Shootout in Lewisville, the 27s took home a championship while the 25s made it to the championship game, but came up short a couple of goals in spite of the very short bench on Sunday. The 28s only lost one game. 

At the Armadillo Classic, "Play For  A Cause" Tournament, the 26s made it championship game. All the teams and families that attended this event helped raise funds for a local lacrosse family that recently lost their mother to cancer.  At the Longhorn Shootout in Austin, the 27s and 28s made it to the championship game. At the Best Of Texas, all the teams battled hard through every game and showed the grit that it will take to be successful through the ups and downs of life.

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All of the players and coaches have worked very hard to get better every day and to represent the program in a first class way. "I am very grateful to work with everyone in the program. We are excited for the upcoming season and we will have more info to follow shortly.." Tim proudly said.