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A Lacrosse Journey - Matt Hanson

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Matt Hanson was in his third grade when he first startedplaying lacrosse. He actually grew up in a family who loves baseball even his friends plays baseball.“When so of my closest friends quit the baseball team to play lacrosse I decided to tag along with them” Matt stated. It took a few years for him to get the hang of it, but this is where he found his passion in sport, Matt also said “I am really glad I made that transfer.” 

There’s a few things that stood out early in the game, it is the creativity you can add into the sports and how many ways there are to succeed. Matt also shared us that “You don't need to be born a giant and be 6'6 and 250lbs to be recruited to a college and succeed in lacrosse, you just need a strong mental game and stick skills.” 

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This was Hanson playing for California High Grizzlies 

Booth has influenced his life in a huge way because it was his first real travel team that he played on. It was the next big step that prepared Matt for everything headed in his way. The players and coaches were so fun to be around and the helped Matt to grow up as a player. He still plays with his old teammates in Booth back from 6th grade and it was insane for Matt to look back and see how far they’ve come.   

Some of Matt’s greatest memories in Booth were spending time with the boys at tournaments. His favorite tournaments were Trilogy 24 with Summer Sizzleback east outside of Baltimore. It was really fun going to Maryland for the first time with Coach Neal and the 22s, he added.    

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Matt during his varsity years with California High School - Boys' Varsity Lacrosse

Booth has also helped Matt's dream of playing Division 1 lacrosse. When he was younger, he would also lookup to a team and players, Torin Neall and Lucas Hevberly. For Matt, the team was to easy to look up with all the talent they had and Matt always wanted to make it to the next level because of what his team got. 

“I am looking forward to playing and practicing at the next level” he said. “There's always a rush of excitement and nervousness that I feel when Ibump up in the level that I am playing at, and I like that feeling because it pushes me to be a better player and individual..” Matt said as he proudly shares his Lacrosse Journey with us.    

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This is Matt Hanson playing for Booth Lacrosse

We hope that this story of Matt Hanson inspires the next generation of Booth Lacrosse. With Booth we will make it possible for any athlete to reach theirabilities and inspire many more young people to pursue their dreams.