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    Since 2012 the Booth Bandits Nationals have competed in key tournaments such as the Adrenaline Challenge, U15 US Lacrosse National Championships and The Sandstorm Festival. and were crowned champions in the HS division and the competed in others such as the u15 US Lacrosse National Championships, numerous times.

    The Bandits National Team '26 won the Adrenaline Challenge and were ranked number 1 in the USA. The Bandits National HS team and were crowned champions in the HS division.


    This team will be comprised of players from NY, PA, NJ, TX, CA, IL, FL, UT, AZ, CO, Numerous other states and Canada. This team will have the best players from various states playing with other players from the best of their state to form a unique bond that is not experienced often.


    The Bandits National Team is putting together a championship roster, we are also looking to recruit humble players and teach them the value of the creator's game Remembering the tale of the Creator's game, lacrosse should not be played for money, fame, or personal gain, you should be humble and of a good mind when you take your lacrosse stick in hand. You are selected for this team because we feel that you are the best in the country and your son embodies this sentiment.


    We will be attending a destination event, The Sandstorm Festival on Jan 14th and 15th 2023 in Palm Springs, California.


    Below are the application link and details.






    • Grad years 2032,31,30,29,28,27,26,25,24
    • Sandstorm Lacrosse Festival in Palm Springs, CA Jan 14/15th 2023
    • Limited time and limited funds are required
    • Retain the ability to play for other organizations. We are asking for one weekend out of your winter to partake in what will be one of the most memorable experiences of the year
    • Uniform Included
    • Practice- Friday Jan 13th 6pm location TBD
    • Team Dinner-After practice Friday Jan 13th location TBD
    • 20 players Rostered (2 G, 6 D, 8 M, 4 A)
    • Professional level coaching
    • $499 Includes Sublimated jersey, shorts and hat.



    In the summer we will build the roster with current players and newly submitted applications with another summer tournament. The tournament is TBD